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Hold Fast Home Inspections is ready for all your home inspection needs along the Front Range of Colorado.   

Knowledgeable Home Inspector

Hold Fast Home Inspections,  I am a Certified Professional Home Inspector.  I understand that buying a new home and the upkeep can be stressful and overwhelming.  I promise that I will inspect your home as if it were my very own home.

in-depth, Thorough and Detailed

Hold Fast Home Inspections, I will take the time and pay attention to details.  My business is built on integrity and principle.  I understand my business is only as good as my work ethic and my word.  I will ensure you have the information you need about your current or future home. 

Hold Fast Home Inspections will provide a honest and accurate home inspection


included with every home inspection

Every home is  Inspected with Infrared, Thermal imaging. 

Thermal Imaging

advanced technology

Infrared is a non-invasive technology that allows me to look for anomalies and show you things about your home that can't be seen using conventional inspection methods. 


find ANOMALIES not seen by the eye

Infrared cameras can be used to measure temperature differences, which is good for monitoring critical equipment.   A thermal camera can monitor electrical equipment which heats up before it fails.  Allowing to schedule maintenance or replacement. 


What Really Matters in a Home Inspection

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